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It’s not about a ski holiday…

After the guns have fallen silent, and the din of battle quietened, the real fight begins.
HRH Prince Henry of Wales

Our Events for 2016:

The Business Challenge   Jan 28th -31st
The Ski Trip    Feb 27th to March 5th

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Skiing With Heroes is a charity that helps wounded ex-Iraq and Afghanistan campaign soldiers back into employment through a ski-based support, mentoring, introduction and induction programme. Our work enables these Veterans to:

Recover their confidence
Re-enter employment
Reclaim their lives

Paralympic sport is a proven, potent medium for confidence-building, and skiing levels the odds between the ‘able’ and ‘disabled’ as few sports can. As has been shown to great effect during our inaugural 2013 and 2014 seasons, injured Veterans have used the Skiing with Heroes programme to help transfom their lives.

Using two principal events per year – The Ski Week each March, and the new-for-2015 Business Challenge in January – together with various one-off fund-raisers, we are rapidly expanding our ongoing help platforms. In doing so, Skiing With Heroes aims to provide lasting solutions for increasing numbers of Veterans.

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  • I can really hardly believe that I have skied. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    NG (A blind veteran)
  • You have allowed me to put some demons to bed and let me achieve a dream I NEVER thought might become a reality…

    KJ (Veteran)
  • The physical benefit of these activities is clear… Sit‐Skiing has increased my core strength to such an extent that I can now do sit ups for the first time in 11 months.”

    IH (Veteran)
Our Ski Week in 2015, filmed by Forces TV

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Veteran Update
They just keep getting better!
This is an interview with Neil

SWH. So Neil now you have a mentor, what are your plans and goals for the next year?

N. I’ve applied for the open university and start a degree in computer science in October, I’m really looking forward to it and hope to one day work in the IT industry.
I’ve also started a diet and exercise program and hope to get down to a reasonable weight and fitness level.

SWH What are you doing now ?

N. At the minute I’m preparing for the degree and brushing up on some key skills.

I also stood for election for my local council back in may (and won with 52% of the vote!) which involves attending meetings and dealing with casework from residents. (SWH WOW!!!!!!!)

SWH How have you changed since coming back from Switzerland?

N. Confidence! The trip has given me a lot more confidence and shown me anything is possible. It’s also given me clarity about my life and what I want to do with it.

SWH Have you done any fundraising for us or any other charity or have plans to?

N. I plan on running the London Marathon next year to raise money for four charities - SWH, H4H, the Samaritans and KidsCan - a local charity that researches childrens cancer treatments -a tall order no doubt but one well worth it!

SWH. Do you want to continue with your skiing? -

N. Yes, I love skiing and one day want to take my partner and children on a skiing holiday.

SWH What advice would you offer to other veterans who may be considering coming skiing with us?

N. Do it, you have nothing to lose and it can and will change your life!

SWH Anything else you'd like us to know about you and your plans?

N.… I’m very grateful for the opportunity provided by SWH and am very positive about the future. So a big thank you to everyone involved with SWH.

Neil is now a councillor!! this shows how far he has come in his confidence to be able to do this.
Impressive Neil, this is just the beginning for you xx
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Veteran updates.....
First up is an interview with Paul

SWH. What are your plans and goals for the next year?:

P.My goals are firstly to continue to better my walking by trying to use the chair less

2. To try and reduce the amount of tablets that I'm taking daily through some pain management if possible.

3. I'm quite lucky that I'm working but I am still looking for my right job.

SWH. What are you doing now work wise?.

P. I'm working as a commercial planner for a coldstore logistics company.

SWH. How have you changed since coming back from Switzerland?.

P. My overall view of things have changed.
Being with the right team of people shows that you can achieve a LOT more than you think you are capable of.
When I went skiing with SwH I set my goals quite high, as I try to get as much out of myself as I can.
However within the first 2 days my goals were achieved.
I now try and look further ahead and set my goals and aims even higher than before.

Also I have spoken to the company I work for with the possibility the SwH could be the charity that they sponsor for the year 2016-2017 fingers crossed.

SWH Do you want to continue with your skiing?

P. Most definatly, I want to get my personal level up to an level where I would be able to go family skiing again like we used to before my injury and not be too much of an hindrance to stop the rest of the family enjoying skiing.

SWH. Have you kept in contact with others on the SwH trip? if so whom:
P. Being in Ireland makes it a little difficult, I do use the Facebook page from time to time to see how everyone is doing.

SWH? What are your favourite memories from the trip?

P. Meeting everyone in London for the first time.
2. Arriving at Klosters was breathtaking.
3. Meeting all the Team and how welcome we were made to feel.
4. Completing my 1st blue run unaided and without a fall was quite emotional.
5. Meeting HRH Prince Charles
6. The overall organisation and smooth running of the entire week was like clockwork.
7. All in all just a fantastic thing to have been invited to be a part of.

SWH. What advice would you offer to other veterans who may be considering coming skiing with us?

P. If you are selected to go, it will be something you will remember for the rest of your life.
Go with an open mind an set goals for yourself.
The team will help you to achieve them.
Also being in an environment with other veterans with all different types of injuries some visible some not will also help you put things into perspective, which if like me will also inspire you to try and achieve more.

SWH Anything else you'd like us to know about you and your plans? ...

P. The week away with SwH, I can say without any doubt was the best week I have ever had away from my famiy.
From start to finish you made to feel you was part of something special. That was down to a team of dedicated professional people who made sure ever need was covered no matter how small or large that was.
I am now back home in my normal environment and I am still part of this fantastic charity. I have a Mentor who is doing an outstanding job, nothing is too much trouble and again her skills and knowledge in putting me in contact with the right people is again second to none.
She is also a great listener.

To finish off, I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone at SwH. I feel honored to have been selected to attend what I must say was something very special, a chance of a lifetime.
Thanks to all.

Thanks Paul xxx
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