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It isn't JUST a ski trip

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Every veteran is given 1 years one on one Mentoring

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To help the journey from Medical Discharge...

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to employment or education or setting up their own business

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The 2016 Business Challenge

24 teams raced against each other, including our teams of wounded veterans.

Booking now for the 2017 weekend

Skihabilitation ► Skiing with a Buddy ► Mentoring Support ►Pain Management Clinic ► Employment / Occupation

It’s not just a ski trip….


Skiing With Heroes is a charity that helps wounded ex-Iraq and Afghanistan campaign soldiers back into employment through a ski-based support, mentoring, introduction and induction programme. Our work enables these Veterans to:

Recover their confidence
Re-enter employment
Reclaim their lives

After the guns have fallen silent, and the din of battle quietened, the real fight begins.
HRH Prince Henry of Wales

Paralympic sport is a proven, potent medium for confidence-building, and skiing levels the odds between the ‘able’ and ‘disabled’ as few sports can. As has been shown to great effect during our annual Ski Weeks, wounded veterans have used the Skiing with Heroes programme to help transfom their lives.

Using two principal events per year – The Ski Week each March, and the Business Challenge in January – together with various one-off fund-raisers, we are rapidly expanding our ongoing help platforms. In doing so, Skiing With Heroes aims to provide lasting solutions for increasing numbers of Veterans.


Join our Mentoring Team or Become a Business Mentor
Fundraise for Us
Become a Ski Buddy
Donate your Time


Canadian Veterans In 2016

Canadian Veterans in 2016

The next ski week will include TWO wounded veterans from Canada. They have been funded…

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The Business Challenge Weekend 2016

The Business Challenge Weekend 2016

What a weekend!  24 teams from the Uk and one from Monaco, participants had flown…

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Our Upcoming Events:

The Ski Trip  – Main Event for Veterans
Feb 27th to March 5th 2016

We are proud to be supported by The Endeavour Fund.


Our Ski Week in 2015, filmed by Forces TV

Entry Form for Business Challenge 2017


I can really hardly believe that I have skied. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

NG (A blind veteran)

You have allowed me to put some demons to bed and let me achieve a dream I NEVER thought might become a reality…

KJ (Veteran)

The physical benefit of these activities is clear… Sit‐Skiing has increased my core strength to such an extent that I can now do sit ups for the first time in 11 months.”

IH (Veteran)

Our facebook posts

you don't need a fb account for this!

Todays Buddy is someone who came last year and so impressed us with his energy and committment to the charity, let alone he came laden with gifts for the veterans.... that we invited him back this year.
Bart, famous for being nothing like his famous namesake, but making the SwH Hall of Fame for his tweed jackets and casually knotted cashmere jumpers...
...or as we call him Vodafone Bart, as he has singlehandedly managed to motivate almost his entire company into supporting SwH.
Chapeau Bart, Chapeau (Thats what the French say for I take my hat off to you)
Bart has been skiing since he was 7 and he's quite good at it now. Very fast.
He has just had his 40th birthday so is in a bit of a mid life crisis, I'm hoping that will mean he becomes more flamboyant with his dress, but its more probable that he sneaks in an extra sugar cube once in a while...
His worst skiing memory is of being stuck on a lift, all by himself in below freezing temperatures, at the age of 9 and really wanting to pee (I added that last bit for dramatic storyteling suspense) and his best was skiing with us all last year.
I'll second that! it was a pretty amazing week.
This is the cutest photo of Bart and he is adopting the posture of 'Buddies have done something wrong and about to get a talking to from Zizi'
Stay cool Bart, we'll be seeing you soon xx......
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Saran RobertsonBart - what happened!! Xxx

18 hours ago   ·  1

Benjamin GravestonGenuinely a fantastic guy. Looks a bit like David Cameron. But everyone has their burden to carry.

18 hours ago   ·  2

Jayne MalpassHa ha brilliant ... I may need to steel thus photo for some sharing around Vodafone. 😝

17 hours ago   ·  1

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Skiing With Heroes added 2 new photos.

Want to meet some more of our ski buddies and ski veterans???
Today we have Geography Geoff..
A young lad from Essex (Well he's almost 40 but describes himself as a Big Man Child) who now lives in Switzerland.
(or he's a fugitive/ tax exile)
(I'm not quite sure)
GG has written about his worst and best skiing exeriences. And sent us a photo of himself as a twin in a bobble hat (there's no point in saying which one he is,as they look the same)
Over to Geoff..

worst skiing story:
Took the new girlfriend (Rachel) for her first skiing holiday I would drop her off and then go ski the mountain meet up for lunch and have a lazy slide beside my fledgling skier. I was always armed with a snow ball to throw should I pass the missus because I am sure it helps concentration. An excellent week went by and Rachel was on the slopes celebrating her birthday with her ski school slalom race and she had heard I had won my last four (so no pressure). I was passing the area on a chair lift when I saw her just after the finish line laying down obviously shattered from just competing. I threw the afore mentioned snowball in her direction and then went off to the other side of the resort for skiing in trees and playing about. Upon returning three hours later I go to the top of the mountain and bumped into another ski instructor buddy Marcus. He said "Everyone has been looking for you. Rachel has concussion after hitting her head in the slalom" (the real reason she was laying flat at the end of the race). I then proceeded to complete my fastest decent of a mountain to date. Finally finding a forlorn looking girlfriend holding her head and a massive black eye already showing sitting in the restaurant where she had been for 2 and a half hours ( no money no phone).

best skiing story:
My best ski story has to be my first... I arrived at the ski resort in darkness and hardly slept that night, I was so excited, was herded off to the ski school area like cattle at an auction. We were divided into levels and classes. I wangled myself into the intermediate class as I was adamant I would not be stuck at the bottom of the mountain.
The first thing they said was "Get on this chairlift and we'll meet at the middle station" a first for me. I nervously queued and watched how simply these people were scooped off their feet and majestically carried up the mountain, I was determined not to fall at the first hurdle.
As it turns out the lovely gentleman beside me did just that before I could blink, his flailing arm pushed me conveniently back into my seat. The incident caused the lift to be stopped, in my mind I handled it like a pro even helping him up and telling him I'd help him off at the top.
It turned out to be a week of epic firsts and as, one by one, the days went by I went from blagging it to skiing in 5 glorious days. I talked skiing and snow and geography at every opportunity, messed about in the bars till the wee hours playing "Nails", talking skiing, performing mock ski turns, ignoring aching muscles and musing about form and feel. I soaked it all up like a sponge, loving every moment. I pushed and tried everything until I was doing black runs at the end of my first week. I had a revelation on day three as I was zipping along a lovely red run, wind in my bobble hat, massive grin on my face. I had found contentment, my nirvana.
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Rachel InmanAnd he is an absolute legend

2 days ago   ·  4

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Pamela O'DonnellLovely pics. xx

2 days ago

Geoff Clarkjust trying to remember which one is which...

1 day ago

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So in just THREE weeks time all our new ski buddies will be checking in at the airport and finally meeting each other as a complete group ready to have the best week of their year.
Each year we have a different feel to the ski week.
Some years are high energy and excitement others are full of laughter and others more caring.
Last year it was Team Love with everyone so calm and kind.... (we also had half the group with severe PTSD)
I wonder what this year's feel will be?
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Rebecca Foran-CouttsI think that setting up the whatsapp group was a great idea. It has allowed us all to interact early on and identify the characters that we are going to be spending a week with. I also think that it has helped to alleviate a certain levels of stress and anxiety but also serves as an outlet for those who are perhaps struggling with recent events in their life. There is nothing more comforting than sharing those issues with the 'brotherhood' that so often is missing in our lives when we come to leave the Service. I am looking forward to putting some faces to names and continuing the banter that we have already established between us. Think it's going to be a great week full of laughter 😝🎿 are you ready for us?!

5 days ago   ·  2

Fiona ChalkLooking forward to hearing all about it when I meet up with the gang to start mentoring. Have a great week!

5 days ago   ·  2

Nadine SpencerI hope you all have a great time and Gilly does not have an accident again..

5 days ago

Skiing With HeroesSo far in the previous 3 ski weeks and 2 business challenges, with over 20 wounded veterans on each trip we haven't had one accident involving a veteran.... We have been so lucky considering what we are doing!!! we have a medical/paramedical team of 8 this year and hope and expect that all veterans will go back in better shape... physically and mentally. :)

4 days ago

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We are not a huge organisation, just a team of volunteers with a couple of paid admin staff, so HUGE thanks to whose support desk has time and again got our website back on line when we have overfiddled and pressed the wrong button!  thanks also to Scooter Computer who help us with our computers, the networking and technical bits.

Also huge thanks to Bodo’s Schloss who are great SwH supporters and we are truly grateful.

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