The Pain Management Programme is delivered in tandem with our mentoring and training programmes, to ensure that we address all of the often complex needs faced by wounded veterans. The programme, set up in conjunction with King Edward VII Hospital, is the first veteran specific pain management programme which includes a medication review. Employment is often inconceivable for veterans in chronic pain and demand continues to outstrip available places.

The impact of the progamme is measured by the  extent to which pain is managed and reliance on incapacitating medication reduced; anecdotally it is a life changer, as one of our 2017 ski week veterans attested. His prescription of nine daily painkillers has been reduced to one.Together with the hospital we are striving to achieve a ‘Gold Standard’ of care for veterans’ pain management.


“This has been a life changer for me, to be able to speak openly about my pain, to clinicians who not only understand what I am talking about – but also HEARD me – and although they say the pain might not go away completely they can show me ways to manage and cope with it – I cannot believe that SWV and King Edward VII Hospital have given this to me – Thank You.”


Our aim is to raise funds to pay for 60 veterans to access the clinic per annum, at a projected cost of £1.2  million over three years.


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