Get Involved… in the Skiing Challenge 2019  

a.k.a. The Business Challenge

The Skiing Challenge was conceived as a way to raise awareness and engage the business community with wounded veterans. Creating strong links with potential employers whilst providing an opportuity for teamwork and personal development within those teams
Supporting Wounded Veterans aims to continue to develop its valued community of supporters accross leading UK businesses and hopes they will continue to support the charity and its goals to raise much needed funds.

Thursday January 31st to  Sunday February 3rd 2019

For more information  please email us on

Or Call James Palmer Tompkinson on  +44 (0)20 7736 5557


Silvretta Hotel, Klosters Switzerland.


Arrive on Thursday – Welcome cocktail party

Friday – Ski Marathon Evening Dinner with Veterans

Saturday – Ski Slalom, Evening Gala Dinner, Auction and Prizes

Sunday Free ski, transfer to airport.


Ready for the Ski Marathon

Here is a story about what the Ski Week and the Mentoring can achieve…

Del was in our first group of veterans 2 years ago. He had suffered a severe brain injury in Afghanistan in 2009 when the vehicle he was driving hit an IED.

He had lost all hearing in his right ear and suffered major bruising to his brain. His memory recall, coordination and ability to process information were badly affected, he became painfully slow at the simplest of tasks and unable to do more than one thing at a time.

Del loved the Ski Week, being back with a group of ex soldiers, and as he says, ‘you could always find someone worse off than you.’ This helped build his confidence as his brain injury had made him so shy and reticent to put himself forward.
After the Ski Week he was given Zizi as his mentor and she continued with the suppport so much that he felt able to apply for a job he saw advertised in a fishing shop. Now as fishing is one of his great passions, he had a wealth of information and experience to offer.

Well he got the job and has been there ever since.

Then in the second Ski Week, we invited him to come and be one of the two Support Desk veterans. To help with the new veterans.

I hadn’t then seen Del for a year, and I nearly fell over when I next saw him. The sweet man who was almost invisible, shy, reticent, that you had to work really hard to engage in conversation, had turned into a confident, smiling person who looked like he was taking control of his life, and still as endearing.

In January 2015, Del was with us at our Business Challenge, and stood in a room of 90 guests and told his SwH story,
with confidence
and without a stutter
or hesitation.

And for us to witness that, was hugely emotional.

You could look at it and think, ok so he went skiing and then got a job in a fishing shop… or you could see it as it really is. That a man who had suffered an horrific incident that left him brain injured, finding it difficult to compute, making him slower to understand things he could easily understand before, was given the support and confidence to put himself back into society, and instead of hiding in his home all day, now holds a full time job where he interacts with the general public and offers them a great service too.

In short, Del now has a life, worth living.

And that is what it’s all about.

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