Supporting Veterans through Pain Management

Since our first Ski Week in 2014 it has become apparent when trying to find meaningful employment for veterans that one of their biggest barrier to employment are issues surrounding pain management.

We have started a veteran specific Pain Management Programme.

We are now fundraising in the hope that we can enlarge this successful programme for the wider wounded veteran community.

For further information or if you are a veteran and would like to contact us specifically about a place on our Pain Management Programme please email us on

Fundraise for us!

The Pain Management Programme needs your donations. Each veteran that goes through this process costs 6000GBP

If you’re anything like me, there are times when I would rather be on my own. This is particularly true when recovery seems an endless struggle and my confidence of ever feeling better wanes. The paradox of such isolation is realising what I actually crave is connection with humanity.

I am attending the PMP (Pain Management Programme) and also since 2015 when I was given a mentor I feel connected with the SWV/SWH family. I’ve since been in treatment for my PTSI. I’ve come to realise that keeping in touch with my mentor under the banner of SWV/SWH and having a good natter for an hour once a fortnight has kept me very much engaged with her, our ongoing work, but also the wider SWV/SWH community.

This connection has allowed me to reflect on the good friends I’ve made, the laughs we’ve all had, and appreciate the support we enjoy from our committee members, the clinicians at the PMP and fantastic sponsors. I’ve picked up my phone and spoken to some of you and even some of you have visited me (Scotty bought me some grapes). So what I hear you say?
Well, all this keeps me connected with the people I value most and helps prevent me reverting to the familiar coping strategy of isolation. SWV/SWH, the mentoring system, and the Pain Management Clinic have made such a positive difference to my recovery.

This connection needs commitment on my behalf too and my mentor understands this and encourages me in this direction. So if you are feeling a little too much on the periphery, start by sending a veteran, a buddy or someone else you know a text. Make that connection. It might make you ski faster too.

Martin, veteran 2015 who came to us with severe and complex PTSI and combat zone related injuries.