Veteran Employment

87% of our SWV Veterans are now in OTE: Occupation, Training, Employment

All of the Veterans who took part in the 2013 and 2014 Skiing With Heroes event and who were looking for work have since been placed in long‐term employment. The 2015 and 2016 groups are currently being mentored and placed. Below are some of the personal stories and sentiments that lie behind their successes.

Please note that the photographs below do not illustrate the individual described in the adjacent story.

Veterans Available

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Veteran Employment

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After being discharged he joined the police but was attacked, while in uniform, by six men. When he woke up in hospital after anaesthetic, he went into catatonic shock and thought he was back in Afghanistan. He was left unable to speak, suffering full‐blown post‐traumatic stress.

He was referred to Supporting Wounded Veterans and was taken on a week’s ‘Skihabilitation’. At the end of the week he was able to give the closing dinner speech, which represented a huge triumph to him.

He attended the PMP (Pain Management Clinic) and his friends and family are now seeing the old PL back, along with his wicked sense of humour.

With the help of his mentor he is now happy to be back at his previous job.

The Story Of PL

PL was a medic with the marines in Afghanistan.

He went on to have over 50 operations and lost the rest of his leg in the process. This protracted ordeal left him severely hampered and the process had a profound effect on him both physically and mentally. Joining Supporting Wounded Veterans has given him some much needed support. He is now attending the Pain Management Programme.

 You can see his story in the video below.

The Story Of AT

AT lost his leg below the knee in Afghanistan.

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